Membership Terms and Conditions

Adult Coach Members MUST successfully complete an NCSI background check and Abuse Prevention Training course,along with a Concussion Protocol course each year to cover the term and requirements of NGA membership through July 31st of each year. Upon approval of screening and course completions, copies of your completion records for these requirements must be given to your club owner/administrator for you to be an active and current NGA member. Failure to complete these requirements will void your membership. Links for all required certifications are located on the NGA website on the Education page.

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    As a NGA Club/Coach Member I agree to the following: a) I agree NGA, the Host Organization and Sponsor(s) of any NGA sanctioned event, along with the employees, agents, officers and directors of these organizations, shall not be liable for any losses or damages occurring as a result of my participation in the event, except where such loss or damage is the result of the intentional or reckless conduct of one of the organizations or individuals identified above.
  • b) I will follow all NGA Rules, Policies and Guidelines for the sanctioned event I am participating in.
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  • c) I will conduct myself in an exemplary manner during all NGA sanctioned events.
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  • d) I will continue to educate myself on best practices for coaching in a positive manner and staying up on current trends in the development of athletes and the sport of gymnastics.
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  • e) I confirm I am not on any published banned or suspended list of any kind from any sport or on any national registry
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